Nothing is lost, all is transformed.

I n [ n o v a ] t i o n [ C r e a t ] i v t y [ S u s t a i n ] a b i l i t y

Instra Ingenieros. Providing solutions that combine design, technology, innovation and sustainability since 1996.

The INSTRA Ingenieros company was established in 1996 as a provider of Architecture, Engineering and Consultancy services. Our head offices are in A Coruna, Barcelona, Madrid, China and Mexico.

We specialise in the industrial-, distribution-, logistics-, energy- and retail sectors. Our staff consists of over 150 architects and engineers with a wide-ranging experience in each of their specialities.

We have developed projects on all five continents —Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania and America— for all the major companies in each sector while providing an additional value based on knowledge, experience and technical capacity, as well as a firm commitment towards our clients.

We have the following certifications and credentials, among others:

Our fields of business are summarised in:

  • Development and establishment of logistics centres.
  • Commercial venues and buildings used in the tertiary sector (hotels, offices, etc.).
  • Technology consultancy in industrial and energy engineering: development of procedures, implementation of work methods, process control and supervision, audits, pathology analysis, purchasing specifications, projects for the improvement and establishment of energy efficiency measures.
  • Engineering and technology for FÁBRICA 4.0 (FACTORY 4.0) and advanced process engineering: simulation, robotisation, additive manufacturing, data analytics, algorithms and process control using artificial intelligence, etc.
  • Development and implementation of Data Processing Centres (DPC).
  • Electrical power generation facilities: wind and solar energy, co-generation, biomass, combined cycles and electric infrastructures, substations, overhead and underground lines, and emergency stations.
  • Detailed engineering for power infrastructures, automation systems and SCADA, efficiency platforms and network integration applications (smart grids) for electrical power generation systems.
  • Consultancy for sustainable building certification.
  • Assessment and development of fire protection solutions: exception procedures and self-protection plans.
  • BIM (Building Information Modelling).
  • Engineering and architecture services for Project Management Teams on Exclusive Building Works during the building- and commercial operation stages in commercial venues.



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Over 1,000,000 m2 provided for the main textile industry operators during the past years. A distribution capacity of over 1,000,000,000 clothing items per year.

Consultancy, architecture and engineering for the development and implementation of highly automated logistics centres and storage and distribution systems.

  • Robot-operated silos, classifying and logistics systems for hanging garments and packaging, etc.
  • Distribution and power supply.
  • Technical assistance and assessment for the implementation of logistics.
  • Consultancy services for the automation of logistics systems.


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Consultancy, architecture and engineering for the development, implementation and optimisation of INDUSTRIAL PROCESSES.

  • Centres for storing and manufacturing woodwork products.
  • Centres for classifying and processing clothes items.
  • Centres for manufacturing, bottling and storing beverages.
  • Cooking oil refineries.
  • Slate treatment facilities.


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Consultancy, architecture and engineering for the development of building projects.

  • Building project development. Work-site management, technical assistance and supervision of work execution.
  • Property assistance for acquiring licences, authorisations and administrative permits.
  • Designing air conditioning facilities, electrical power and fire-fighting systems.
  • Projects and work-site management for the construction of buildings and facilities in the tertiary sector.
  • Site Survey, Value Engineering, Due Diligence and Check List for buildings.
  • Preliminary surveys for plot implementation. Urban development procedures.
  • Technical reports. Legalisations.
  • Calculation of structures and solving complex structures and refurbishments.
  • Modelling and computer graphics, etc. BIM developments.
  • Self-protection and safety manuals.


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Consultancy, architecture and engineering for the development of RETAIL projects.

  • Development of projects in commercial venues. Work-site management, technical assistance and supervision of work execution.
  • Property assistance for acquiring licences, authorisations and administrative permits.
  • Designing air conditioning facilities, electrical power and fire-fighting systems.
  • Site Survey, Value Engineering, Due Diligence and Check List for commercial venues.
  • Preliminary implementation surveys. Urban development procedures.
  • Modelling and computer graphics, etc. BIM developments.


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Work-site and Project Management Over 400,000 m2 of GFAs (gross floor areas).

  • "Pre-marketing" support service for contracting parties during the lease negotiation stage.
  • Control and validation of the project and execution plan.
  • Coordination and follow-up of works execution to prevent their interference in the normal operation of the commercial venue and to ensure their compliance to applicable technical and legal regulations as well as to any particular specifications included in the leasing contracts.
  • Verification that the executed works comply with the previously approved project.
  • Assessment service for the owner, leaseholders and management, from the start of commercialisation to its final opening to the public.


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Consultancy for certifying sustainability in buildings and industrial sites. BREEAM and LEED.

The combination of our experience and involvement with our clients and their projects has allowed us to cooperate with them in the improvement of their processes and in their relationship with the environment.

We have an active role in establishing quality processes in any business projects with a social responsibility towards their surroundings.


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We have developed renewable energy projects amounting to a total power of over 8,000 MW in installed energy production.

  • Consultancy and engineering services for the development and implementation of wind farms and photovoltaic solar power plants.
  • Surveys, projects and work-site management at electrical power plants and infrastructures: co-generation and combined cycle facilities, substations, electrical lines, emergency stations, etc.
  • Technical assistance and comprehensive management in projects: controlling costs and deadlines, processes, contracts and legalisation.
  • Detailed engineering for the development of building projects in energy infrastructures: substations, overhead lines and electrical power plants.
  • Energy audits and engineering service for establishing energy efficiency measures. Power services (ESCo).
  • Attention to detail in all our energy projects.


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  • In.Tu.In is the technology solutions department of Instra Ingenieros, focus on Industry.
  • Process engineering, automation, optimization and data analysis are the services provided.
  • Engineering and Technology for FÁBRICA 4.0 (FACTORY 4.0)
  • Simulation and predictive systems, based on machine learning and artificial intelligence.
  • Technology and engineering for Smart Cities, smart grids and O&M for power plants.
  • Consultancy and engineering for the analysis and implementation of energy efficiency.
  • Ad-hoc software development for retail industry such as MIA4BP.
  • Consultancy and engineering for automation & control system’s development and integration, for industrial and energy sectors.
  • Detailed process and systems engineering : storage, logistics and processing.
  • Design and detailed engineering of DCP and telecommunications structures. Specialist on TIA942, TIER III & TIER IV certifications for CPDs.
  • Architecture and engineering advanced services using BIM, PLM and virtual/augmented reality.

INSTRA Ingenieros allocates a high percentage of its resources to RESEARCH and DEVELOPMENT, and considers INNOVATION to be the key to success.

The combination of experience, a client-oriented approach and client involvement has given us the professional character that we show in all of our projects.

Every step forward has involved a strong commitment to project INNOVATION by using the latest and most advanced knowledge and available technologies:

  • Engineering and technology for FÁBRICA 4.0 (FACTORY 4.0) and advanced process engineering: simulation, robotisation, additive manufacturing, data analytics, algorithms and process control using artificial intelligence, etc.
  • Advanced architecture and engineering services using BIM modelling, and virtual and augmented reality.
  • Engineering and technology for Smart Cities, Smart Grids and power plant O&M.

INSTRA Ingenieros has made a strong commitment to the development of talent and training as its sources of INNOVATION. For this goal, we have established collaboration agreements with the Universities of Vigo, A Coruna, Santiago de Compostela and with the Barcelona Polytechnic School, whose students carry out their internships and End-of-Master projects at INSTRA Ingenieros.

Apart from this activity, INSTRA Ingenieros also takes part in developing a number of initiatives with a high component in INNOVATION:

  • Development of recharge networks to provide electric mobility.
  • Energy efficiency platforms integrating renewable energy generation systems and electric mobility.
  • Design of distributed electrical generation systems.
  • Development of robotisation and automation solutions for the field of industry and logistics.
  • Development of predictive systems and expert systems based on technologies from the field of artificial intelligence.


NZEB Research and Development Project
Hybrid system of renewable energy heat sources.

The goal of the implemented project has consisted in developing specific solutions aimed at achieving "nearly Zero Emission Buildings" (nZEB), in this case by means of integrating three energy systems (biomass, geothermal and solar energy) to supply the thermal requirements in buildings.

This project was co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), within the framework of the Technology Fund Operational Programme 2007-2013.


ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY results from searching for a balance between society and the surrounding natural environment that it is part of. This balance is achieved by using social development systems that will respect our natural resources while keeping the future generations in mind.

SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT was defined by the World Commission on Environment and Development in 1987 as "a development that will satisfy our present needs without endangering the capacity of future generations to meet their own needs".

ENERGY EFFICIENCY is the process of optimising the use of energy for the purpose of reducing its consumption and, consequently, its production. The goal is to maintain the production of products and services with a smaller energy consumption. This will allow for an energy saving that will have a direct impact in reducing greenhouse gasses, therefore being a strategic factor that is essential for reaching a SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT.

At INSTRA Ingenieros we have made a strong commitment to placing value in knowledge and efficiency by assessing the implementation of information and automation technologies. We also support innovation in industrial processes as well as a rational use of energy as a method for optimising our processes and thus contributing to saving energy and achieving SUSTAIBABLE DEVELOPMENT.

  • LEED certification in Sustainable Buildings (Leadership In Energy & Environmental Design). Member of SPAIN GREEN BUILDING COUNCIL.
  • BREEAM (BRE Environmental Assessment Method) for the Environmental Assessment of buildings. Breeam consultant.
  • EVO (Efficiency Valuation Organization)

Corporate Social Responsibility

At INSTRA Ingenieros —thanks to the awareness of our role in sustainable development, social welfare, and making a rational use of natural resources and of the environment— we integrate into our management model a policy of Corporate Social Responsibility. This policy is committed to providing continuous improvement, respect for people, supporting ethic values, the community and the environment.

Our management at INSTRA Ingenieros is based on the impact of our activity on our clients, employees, shareholders, local communities, the environment and, above all, on society in general. This management consists in incorporating the social, economic and environmental concerns of our area of influence into our company strategy. Therefore, by sharing a common dialogue, we are able to develop a sincere and verifiable commitment with social bonding, with respect for the environment, for ethics and transparency. The final goal is to generate value for our entire area of influence and thus improve our contribution to sustainable development.

CSR —seen as an all-encompassing issue affecting several different management areas in the company— requires our activities to be linked to the company's basic activity on a long-term basis while establishing a clear commitment with our senior management.

At INSTRA Ingenieros, we work on the three major contents encompassed by our CSR: social content, environmental content, and economic content. At the same time, we always bear in mind the multi-faceted character involving the different aspects of company management: human rights, internship and employment, health protection, fighting against fraud and corruption, the interest of the consumers and environmental issues.