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BIM energy sector

31 de July de 2019


BIM energy sector

Thanks to the experience gained in BIM methodologies (Building Information Modeling), specifically in the design of architecture and facilities with virtual 3D models, the department of architecture of Instra, has transferred this technological and procedural capacity to other areas of the company and for therefore, to other sectors and customers.

As a result of this technology transfer, from the energy area of Instra, BIM technology and methodology are now used to design, modify, plan, manage and maintain the project and infrastructures of various power generation facilities, such as wind farms, photovoltaic plants and electrical substations in Spain or Mexico.

Thanks to the certifications that Instra already has in this methodology, as well as to the trained, qualified and with extensive experience in international projects, Instra is positioned as one of the most experienced companies nationwide with sufficient capacity and experience to carry out complex projects in BIM.