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Instra Ingenieros makes an entry into offshore wind power

15 de April de 2021


Instra Ingenieros makes a strong entry into offshore wind power

Instra Ingenieros has been working, in recent months, on offshore wind energy projects and on the conceptual design of seabed fixing systems for high-power offshore wind turbines (> 12MW), for their implementation in waters of the Spanish Territorial Sea.

The energy division and the area of the structures of Instra Ingenieros takes a step further in the world of offshore wind energy, delivering to the client the conceptual designs of anchoring systems to the seabed for depths between 40 and 70 m, with gravity structures and dynamic ballast and other variants in "jacket" type metal structure systems.


The proposed design considers gravity systems made of reinforced concrete, which can incorporate dynamic ballast technology (Ins-ZLD ©), which with large wind turbines and in certain locations, could offer certain advantages to minimize costs and optimize their behavior as a substructure-wind turbine assembly.


Offshore wind is a technology within wind power, which is in full growth and forecasts reflect that its use and extension will grow considerably in the next 10-15 years, being a key technology in the change of the energy model to achieve zero emissions.

Current offshore wind poses new challenges and one of them is to extend the fixing systems to the seabed to a greater depth.