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IOT World Congress Barcelona

10 de October de 2017


IOT World Congress Barcelona

Instra has participated on the IoT World Congress, Blockchain and Industry 4.0. energy forum, the past 3-5 of October, in Barcelona.

"As an engineering solutions provider to our clients, it's very important that we have presence on these kind of events. The goal is to know which technologies and devices are being developed, so our engineers can implement and integrate those technologies on our clients projects", Pedro Pérez, Instra CEO.

"We have taken the most of this event, also to study our main competitors, to know what are they doing and see what are our main differences from them, as well as our advantages on our products and services". Pablo Gajino, Business developer for the Technology solutions branch. 

Instra, has got years of experience working on cosumption reduction projects for several industries, material efficiency in buidings and architecture, iot software to manage and control factory supplies, and warehouse logistics solutions.