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Tutatis - Reduce Co2 emissions on Cies and Ons island

21 de May de 2019


Tutatis - Reduce Co2 emissions on Cies and Ons island

On May 20, 2019, an important milestone was reached for the sustainable future of the islands of Galicia and Ons.

Thanks to the work of the Port of Vigo, the National Park of the Atlantic Islands, the Ministry of Environment and the Xunta de Galicia (and our contribution as an engineering and technology company that helped in the early stages of the project to monitor consumption of the islands), the commitment was strengthened and established by the different entities and institutions present at the event, to finance and carry out the TUTATIS project, with which it is intended to lead to almost zero emissions to the islands (near Zero Emissions ), thus fully complying with European regulations and objectives and turning these islands into an example of sustainability and energy efficiency.

We leave links to various media that echoed the event: